Quần áo chống cháy ST500-501

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Quần áo chống cháy ST500-501

Quần áo chống cháy ST 500-501
Origin: Italy
Aluminized 100% para-aramidic preox fabric of 370 gr
Jacket: front opening with inner closure with a flap closed with Velcro® flame retard a protective strip itself closed with Velcro®. Korean style collar wide sleeves.
Trousers: from opening with Velcro® F.R. closing adjustable, elasticated braces bellow opening at leg bottom, closed with Velcro® F.R.
Hood: mod S100 unlined, replaceable panoramic visor with tempered and gold-plated glass able to grant a wide field of vision, with inner protection in polycarbonate internally-fitted, adjustable helmet according to the EN 397 standard
Size: M – XXL
Compliance: EN 531/95 III category (ST500) and EN 1486 III category (ST501
Quần áo chống cháy ST500-501
Quần áo chống cháy ST500-501

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